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Who can tell better about the stay at Villa Piedras Blancas than our previous guests?

Hereby a message to let you know that we have been enjoying two weeks in your beautiful villa. Delicious: a kitchen that is fully equipped. The terraces, the garden, the jacuzzi: everything is super. Too bad we had a lot of clouds in the first week. Fortunately there is always sun somewhere on La Palma. From last Friday (when the children arrived) the weather is beautiful here.

Jurjen and Sita, January 2020

We had a very good stay at Villa Piedras Blancas. It is an excellent base for exploring the entire island. The cottage is near the main road and yet it is pleasantly quiet. Easy with restaurants and shops so close. First explore a few other islands, but we will certainly keep this location in mind.

Maarten, December 2019

A very pleasant stay and the rooms fully equipped. Certainly a desire for a second visit.

Sandra, November 2019

We really had a great time on la Palma and in your wonderful home! We can imagine that you have fallen in love with the island.

Hans and Annemarie, October 2019

We have arrived in your fantastic house. What a great place. We will definitely enjoy it here ... we are already doing it!

Karin and Bojan, June 2019


grote eettafel in de tuin

We enjoyed our holiday on La Palma. So much so that we want to go again as quickly as possible. In the autumn holidays we have been guests together for almost a week in Villa Piedras Blancas. This house feels like a home. It is wonderfully spacious with a bedroom, bath and living room. In addition, a dining area and a kitchen, which is fully equipped.

It is always spring here with wonderful temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees. Due to the wind from the sea it is never hot despite a location near Morocco. That latitude means that the sun is bright and you don't feel that. Lubricate well and that is solved again. With these temperatures you can head out to do things. The island has more than 1000 kilometers of hiking trails, but we can also recommend making tours of this green island with its beautiful rock formations. Take a day off for each part and then you have just driven around.


We have developed an absolute preference for a jacuzzi over a swimming pool. So nice and warm and you can be completely submerged. The lights can be switched on outside, but especially when the sky is clear, enjoy the starry sky. Nowhere else in Europe do you see as much as here. So little light and air pollution.

Patrick and Filippine, October 2019

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